Louis Puggaard-Müller is a street musician and singer-songwriter from Copenhagen Denmark. Like a hopeless romantic, love made him find his way to Amsterdam. However music was what kept him here. His songs are raw, honest, folky and pure.
I have been fortunate enough that Louis discovered 'Fortheloveofbass' and asked me to collaborate on his music. It has become the next chapter of my project. We shot this video on a cold december day in 2018 as the last song of the record (twelve steps) we made together. It feels like the end and the beginning of something new at the same time. Bare and naked on the studio floor with nothing but a bass, FX and a Tascam tape recorder straight from the ’80’s.


Eveline Vroonland is best known for her solo work with PHOS. I have had the pleasure of studying musis with her. When I started 'Fortheloveofbass' I knew I wanted to make a video with her badly. For my first round she was unavailable, however we got a second change a year later. She is truly a magician with a loopstation! Even before youtube was flooded with artists looping vocals she was already creating something truly unique. I believe that our collaboration has her fingerprints all over it. The video was shot at an old house in the south of Limburg by Jessie Bom. The end result is moody, black & white and dark. Just as I like it!


Nienke Lohuis is best known for her own band Inlakech. I’ve had the pleasure to study music with her together. I’ve seen her develop her talent for singing and writing music up to the point were she is undeniably one of the best performers I know. If you ever get the chance to see her and her band play live, you’re in for a treat. She is the paradoxal combination of fragility and power wrapped into one person and thus a force to be reckoned with. That’s why i’m so very honoured she was willing to write a song with me for this project. Be sure to check out her band’s website


Marlon is a difficult artist to pin down for his body of work is enormous and ranges through every style imaginable. I’ve seen him perform his own music in various settings. I’ve seen him funk his brains out with Hotter than Denzel. I’ve seen him as a side man to many well know Dutch artist like Emil Landman or Florian Wolff. I’ve seen him successfully step in the footsteps of Donald Fagen with steely Penn: a homage to Steely Dan. Moreover i’ve seen him featured in so many songs and video’s online that I have lost count. He is true musician of a very rare breed. He seems to breath, eat and sleep with the muze we all so desperately chase. He is currently causing trouble in Berlin. I’m very thankful for having been able to collaborate with Marlon. You can check out his album independence on the following link: With Fortheloveofbass I tried to do justice to his song: Forsake Me.


Nina June is a Dutch artist whom I truly admire. She creates her work without comprise and absolute focus on the message she wants to convey. Moreover she is willing to go the extra mile for her work. For inspiration for her last tour she’s lived in a silent monastery for a week, and as I’m writing this, she is walking the famous pilgrimage route to Santiago de Compostela. That is sheer commitment! She has an impeccable eye for every single detail in a song and performance. That is why I’m truly so proud to have been able to create this live performance with her. Be sure to check out her website .